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Request the venues that work for you


We're always looking to extend our network of Move Partners to keep you healthy and happy.  Is there a particular venue, class or activity you'd like to see available with your MoveGB membership? If so, just use any of the methods below to request a venue and we'll get right on it!



 tweet.pngTweet your requests on the go

See something you'd like on Move? Just tag @MoveGB and tag the venue you want too



  Tell your Move Coach Team message_icon_1.svg

Our Move Coach Team take any and all venue requests and are there to make your Move membership tailored to you  



form_icon_25603.pngFill in the form on this page

This sends your request direct to one of our Activity Scouts who'll get in touch on your behalf



Requesting a venue in London?

Visit our special London page!

Where do you want to move?